Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System


Rebonding System is a super-effective treatment that transforms your hair into polished, sleek tresses. The Neutralization Cream re-balances the hair to ensure bonds are closed. The deeply conditioning formulas moisture the hair while making it manageable and shiny.

Keratin Straightening Rebonding System

Create the ultimate hairstyle – straight, soft and shiny.

Keune’s Keratin Straightening Rebonding System is the perfect solution to transform unmanageable frizzy, wavy or curly hair into long lasting polished straightness.

The easy 2-step process ensures a spectacular result and high level of conditioning.

The formula is 100% formaldehyde free, with essential parts of native keratin

7 Reasons Why It’s Unique

  1. Easy 2-step process comprised of Straightening and Neutralization Cream. To be used with a straightening iron
  2. Formulated without formaldehyde
  3. Available in 2 formulas: Normal and Strong to address different hair types
  4. Balanced technology regulates and ensures the gentle opening of the disulfide bonds, minimizing the risk on hair damage
  5. Kera-glide complex: Emollients, cationic conditioners and keratin provide moisture, manageability and protection during shaping
  6. The conditioning formulas provide moisture, manageability and shine
  7. Provides worry free, straight and polished hair up to 5 months

Step 1: Straightening

Applying the Straightening Cream, let it process, thoroughly rinse it out and blow-dry the hair.

Step 2: Neutralization

Straighten the hair with a straightening iron, apply the Neutralization Cream, let it process before rinsing, towel-drying and styling as desired.

Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System Product Reference

Formulations: Normal vs Strong

Hair Type Normal Strong
Natural fine to resistant hair Yes
Natural strong, resistant to very resistant hair Yes
Color-treated hair in good condition Yes
Very sensitized or damaged color-treated hair No No
Bleached or highlighted hair No No
Hair treated with henna or metallic salts No No
Previously straightened hair Wait at least 3 months before
applying regrowth-application
Wait at least 3 months before applying regrowth-application
Previously relaxed hair No - check safety instructions for details No - check safety instructions for details
Irritated, broken or sensitized scalp No No




  1. Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System Cream
  2. Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System Neutralization Cream
  3. Ceramic or similar straightening iron with precise temperature control
  4. Disposable gloves
  5. Non-metallic bowl
  6. Color brush
  7. Blow-dryer
  8. Coloring cutting cape
  9. Towels
  10. Optional: wide-tooth comb
  11. Optional: plastic clips

Duration of total treatment: approx. 1.5 hr

Before use Prior to the treatment always perform a strand test. Only proceed with the treatment if the condition of the hair allows it. If the hair breaks or the scalp is irritated after the test, do not use Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System or another straightener.

Application: Straightening Cream

  1. Shampoo the hair only if exceptionally oily or dirty. Apply on dry or towel-dried hair.
  2. Divide hair into 4 sections.
  3. Wear suitable disposable gloves during the straightening process and rinsing of the products.
  4. Apply the Straightening Cream into a non-metallic bowl.
  5. Virgin hair: apply the Straightening Cream rapidly with a color brush, section by section, beginning at the nape. Keep the Straightening Cream 0.5 cm (0.2 inch) away from the scalp.
  6. Carefully work through the hair for even distribution. Avoid tension on the hair. The total application time should not exceed 5 minutes. Smooth the hair with fingers, side of hand or wide-tooth comb.
  7. Regrowth application: if the hair has already been straightened, only apply to the re-growth, keeping 0.5 cm (0.2 inch) from the scalp.
  8. Do not use heat or cover the hair during processing time.
  9. Smooth the hair regularly with fingers or wide tooth comb to ensure product is evenly distributed and hair remains straight. Do not pull the hair during the application.
  10. Process for 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the hair structure. Check regularly with fingers or a wide tooth comb to determine if the hair stays straight*.
  11.  Perform the Knot Test described below until hair is processed.
  12. The application time must be counted as part of the total processing time. Never leave the Straightening Cream in contact with hair for more than 25 minutes! Continue smoothing the hair gently with fingers or wide-tooth comb during the processing time.
  13. Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water for 10 minutes. The rinsing water should not come into contact with the eyes. Thoroughly remove all product from the hair. Carefully towel dry the hair.
  14. Carefully blow dry the hair.

Process Time: Knot Test

The process time of Straightening Cream takes 5 to 20 minutes. How do you determine if the hair stays straight and thus hair is completely processed? Conduct the knot test:

  1. Take a strand of hair and remove excess product.
  2. Make a knot 3 – 5 cm from the scalp
  3. Insert a plastic comb and gently tighten the knot around the tail end.
  4. Partially open the knot, slide it down to the mid-length of the hair and gently re-tie. Repeat this at the ends.
  5. If the knot loosens on it’s own, the hair requires longer processing. Redo the test in 5 minutes. If the knot does not loosen on it’s own anymore, the hair is completely processed and ready to be rinsed.

Never exceed the recommended maximum processing time of 20 minutes (excluding application time)


Section the hair and slowly iron small sections from scalp to ends into the natural fall, beginning at the nape. Iron each section 6 to 8 times, until it is completely straight. Use a ceramic or similar straightening iron and do not keep the iron in one place for longer than 3 seconds. Set temperature on 180°C (360°F).


Application: Neutralization Cream

  1. Virgin hair: Apply the Neutralization Cream section by section, beginning at the nape. Comb or smooth the hair with fingers.
  2. Regrowth application: Apply the Neutralization Cream only to regrowth.
  3. Smooth down regularly so that hair remains straight during processing time.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry the hair.
  5. Blow dry the hair and style as desired.

Safety Information: Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System

  • Do not use on sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp.
  • Wear suitable disposable gloves during the straightening process and rinsing of the products.
  • Tools such as comb, brush and bowl must be non-metallic.
  • Always use a ceramic or similar straightening iron with precise temperature control.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Not for use on children.
  • Straightening Cream contains thioglycolate.
  • To use on colour treated hair, wait at least 2 weeks after the colour service before using Keratin Straightening Rebonding System.
  • Do not use on hair that is damaged or fragile due to repeated colouring.
  • To avoid hair loss or breakage, burns or skin lesions, do not use on pre-lightened or highlighted hair, or hair treated with henna or metallic salts.
  • Under no circumstances should Keratin Straightening Rebonding System be applied to hair that previously has been treated with an alkali relaxer containing Sodium Hydroxide. This also applies to ‘Sodium Hydroxide-free” products containing Potassium Hydroxide, Lithium Hydroxide or Guanidine Carbonate.
  • It is essential to use Neutralization Cream when Straightening Cream has been applied.
  • Neutralization Cream contains hydrogen peroxide.
  • It is important to follow the above instructions.
  • For professional use only.