Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System Pack – Strong

100% Formaldehyde-free
Intense Conditioning Formula
Keune Keratin Straightening Rebonding System Pack – Strong is enriched with keratin and silk protein. The keratin permanently binds to the hair during the process and strengthens it, allowing for safe and gentle shaping. Silk protein provides extra care and nourishment, makes hair manageable and protects it during ironing.
Keratin Straightening Rebonding System is available in 2 formulas, based on hair type and condition: Normal and Strong. Normal is for fine to resistant hair. Strong is for resistant to very resistant hair. The Normal formula can be used on color treated hair in good condition.
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The Keratin Straightening Rebonding Technology reshapes the hair effectively and safely. Straightening Cream with Kera-glide complex
ensures safe rebonding and optimal conditioning during the treatment. The Neutralization Cream re-balances the hair to ensure bonds are closed.
GENTLY OPENS - The balancing technology regulates and ensures the safe opening of the disulfide bonds, minimising the risk of hair damage.
EASILY STRAIGHTENS - The Kera-glide complex facilitates easy and safe shaping. Emollients, cationic conditioners and keratin nourish the hair,
making it manageable and protect it during shaping.
PERMANENTLY SEALS - Bonds are closed, ensuring long-lasting, frizz-free control.
The simple 2-step treatment takes only 1.5 hours to complete and ensures up to 5 months of worry-free straight hair.
The rebonding elements in the Straightening Cream formula carefully cleave the hair bonds while keratin, the hairs most important protein, enters the strands and repairs damaged areas. There are 2 formulas to choose from based on hair type. Normal for resistant to natural hair. And Strong for very resistant to resistant hair. Here is how to complete the first step of the treatment:
Apply Straightening Cream on the sections. The processing time is a maximum of 25 minutes, including application. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and blow dry the hair.
Oil conditioners leave a protective layer, protecting hair from the hot straightening iron. Here is how to complete the second and final step of the treatment:
Straighten the hair with a straightening iron. Apply the Neutralization Cream to the hair. Allow the cream to process for 5 mins. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, towel dry and style as desired.
Note : Do not use on bleached or highlighted hair or hair that has been damaged due to repeated coloring. Always follow directions
for use.

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