Keune Care

Keratin Smooth

Have hair that’s sleek, shiny and easy to manage.

Keune Care Line Gets A New Look

The Keune Care Line range that you know and love has a new sleek and stylish look, and a better formulations to take care of your hair!

The Keune Care Essential Mineral Complex nourishes the scalp to promote healthy hair. Care products tackle a wide variety of hair and scalp concerns from dandruff to irritation, dullness to damage, hair loss to frizz. The complex is made up of five different minerals – zinc, copper, silicium, iron, magnesium – that work together, treating the hair and nourishing the scalp for unparalleled results and anti-inflammatory effects.

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Derma Exfoliate

Derma Exfoliate Shampoo was made to be tough on dandruff, but mild on your hair. When you’re diagnosed with dandruff, it means that you’ve got more of a naturally occurring scalp fungus than usual. This fungus kicks your scalp’s cell renewal process into overdrive, causing — you guessed it — dandruff.

That’s where Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo comes in. It contains octopirox, a substance that puts the fungus’ excessive multiplication to a halt and clears away visible dandruff flakes. The shampoo’s anti-bacterial properties relax the skin’s sebaceous glands, soothing your itchy, irritated scalp. The result: a scalp that works as it’s supposed to and lovely, healthy hair.


Trouble with choosing Care Derma products?

Try the Keune Care Derma Quick Reference Card used by professionals to find your perfect fit!

Color Brillianz

For lasting luminosity. Keeps color-treated hair looking salon-fresh.

Color-treated hair needs extra protection and nutrition. The unique Color Sealing Complex creates a protective barrier around the strands, which prevents the color from fading. UVA and UVB filters provide protection from the sun. Herbal sunflower seed extracts strengthen the barriers and nourish the hair.


Keratin Smooth

Make it smooth. For hair that’s sleek, shiny and easy to manage.

Keratin is a fibrous protein and a major component of the hair. It’s depleted when hair is damaged, and Keratin loss makes hair extra vulnerable. The Keratin Smooth products restore the hair and replenish Keratin by injecting it into the outside of the strands as well as deep inside.

In addition, Silsoft protects and repairs frizzy and unmanageable flyaways.


Derma Activate

Youth-boosting. Rejuvenates thinning hair and stimulating growth.

Derma Activate is a lasting solution for temporary hair loss. Rejuvenator Technology penetrates the scalp cells, ensuring that liposomes gradually transfer Essential Minerals, Biotin and hair growth stimulants like Takanal and Caffeine.

Liposomes distribute the hair growth stimulant gradually to the scalp.


Absolute Volume

Bodaciousness in a bottle. Volumizes and adds body to even the finest hair.

Enriched with provitamin B5 and wheat proteins. It lifts your hair up where it belongs without adding weight. Absolute Volume consists of a shampoo, conditioner and – for your blowouts – a mousse and thermal protection cream.  And to give you the biggest, most beautiful hair.


Satin Oil

For hair that feels like satin sheets. Adds shine and irresistible softness.

Satin Oil is the beauty phenomenon that notably improves the quality of the hair, making it stronger and shinier without adding grease or weight. The unique Dual Technology nourishes each individual strand from the inside out.

Dull, dry hair is transformed into silky-soft strands with an otherworldly sheen.


Vital Nutrition

Self-care, bottled. Nourishes and treats dry and damaged hair.

The Vital Nutrition products moisturize the inner hair structure, while Nutri-Injection Technology forms a protective shield in and around damaged areas, restoring and revitalizing stressed strands.

Hair is also protected from dehydration and environmental damages. Vital Nutrition leaves hair smooth, soft, shiny, and easy to detangle.


Derma Regulate

No more grease. Rebalances oily hair and scalp. For a fresh, clean feeling.

The Derma Control Complex in our Care Derma Regulate range keeps sebum production in check. Bio-sulfur and betaines regulate and rebalance the scalp.

Derma Regulate consists of a shampoo, which is tough on grease but mild on your hair. With repeated use, expect a soothed scalp, a nice ‘n fresh feeling – and beautifully soft hair.


Curl Control

The Keratin Curl Defining complex beautifies both natural and chemically treated curls, keeping them moisturized and frizz-free. Keratin Proteins rejuvenate the hair fiber, boosting the curls’ strength, protecting the hair structure and deeply conditioning the strands.

This oil is rich in vitamin E and the fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9, which thoroughly hydrate and pamper while reducing frizz.


Sun Shield

Breathes life back into dry, sun-damaged hair. Offers UV protection and anti-chlorine.

The Sun Shield line protects your hair from harmful UV rays, as well as pool and salt water. Essential Minerals, UV protectors and active proteins protect and restore the hair. The result: supremely silky, shiny hair that’s easy to detangle and style.

Enriched with shea butter to replenish hair’s moisture.