Keune Blend

Prep Spray

Protects hair from heat styling tools and enhances hair style durability.

Keune Blend: Hair Styling

Keune Blend is top-shelf mixology for hair that’s going places. Smooth it, crunch it, twist it, pin it up – however you wear it, do it your way. Created for the modern muse, style chameleon and free spirit, there’s a blend out there for everyone. The range consists of 14 intermixable styling products to prep, style, and finish hair.


All Blend products contain Keune’s Multi Vitamin Complex. This mélange of vitamins, comprised of vitamin A, E, F,and H (biotin), among others, conditions, energizes and nourishes hair.

Blend styling products are easily mixed together for customized blends. Each product has a fruity fragrance and a hold and shine factor between 1 (low) and 10 (high).

Product Update: Keune Blend

Back in 2006, Keune introduced Blend to the world – a fresh new range of hair styling products for young urbanites. In 2016, the Blend range was revamped, renewed and improved from the packaging to the formulations.

Inspired by industrial design and sleek, clean lines and strong typography, the jars, aerosol cans, and bottles feel current and modern and are sure to look great.

New additions to the range include the Prep Spray, Gloss Spray and Fiber Wax.

If you’re looking for the older Blend range, some products may still be available. See products →