Keune So Pure Energizing Lotion Hair Growth

Stimulates Blood Circulation
Ginger & Lemon Aromatherapy
Prevents Hair Loss
Up to 25% Faster Hair Growth
Paraben free
Stimulate new hair growth and prevent hair loss with Keune So Pure Energizing Lotion Hair Growth. Gives thin and brittle hair volume and increases hair growth by up to 25% in just 11 weeks. This hair growth lotion for fine and thin hair intensifies the treatment’s effects and optimally improves the hair’s condition, making it look and feel thicker, longer and fuller. Enriched with certified organic argan oil containing vitamin A, E, and omega 6 provides added moisture, shine and protection to the hair and scalp. Keune So Pure Energizing Lotion Hair Growth is free from artificial fragrance and animal-derived ingredients (vegan-friendly).
Suitable for
Fine and thin hair


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Improved, accelerated hair growth. In Keune's laboratory they only focus on one thing: hair. An important part is the promotion of healthy hair growth. So Pure Energizing Lotion is a leave-in lotion that promotes hair growth through the power of nature. Vitro tests show that our aromatic lotion accelerates hair growth by up to 25%. An independent survey found that 75% of people experienced thicker hair and improved growth. Essential oils of natural ginger and lemon have a soothing effect and improve the circulation of the scalp. Red ginseng stimulates hair growth and vitamin H (biotin) strengthens the hair.
Apply the lotion in pivot point partings, massage gently and leave in.
Important Recommendations
For preventive use: 1 - 2 times a week
for maintenance: 2 - 3 times a week
for intensive use: 3 - 4 times a week for 11 weeks

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Argan oil, Ginger and Lemon Essential oils,

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