Keune So Pure Color No. 3000

Ammonia Free
Paraben Free
Lifts Up to 4 levels
Colour : Intense Blonde
Keune So Pure Color No. 3000 is an exclusive ammonia free colour which soothes the hair. It is a mild and effective way to colour and lift your hair in an infinite palette of beautiful shade. The benefits of this product are threefold:
Mild and Nourishing – Keune So Pure Color No. 3000 has a unique nourishing formulation filled with certified organic Argan oil, Phytokeratin and coconut base. It is mild on the hair and will not stain the scalp.
Effective – This ammonia free colour lifts hair up to 4 levels.
Pleasurable Aromatic Experience – This product offers an aromatic experience to indulge and relax in. So, no ammonia, but a warm, rich fragrance from Jasmine and Sandalwood essential oils.
Suitable for
Colouring of hair


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Keune So Pure Color No. 3000 is created with :
Coconut Base - which gives intense nourishment for the hair that also protects the scalp from staining.
Certified Organic Argan Oil - moisturises the hair, making it soft and shiny. Antioxidants from vitamins A and E protect the hair from external influences.
Colour Pigments - Ammonia free, undeveloped pigments penetrate into the cortex of the hair shaft, resulting in a permanent colouring treatment.
Phytokeratin- This plant derived ingredient, with natural keratin, penetrates deep into the hair and repairs the hair's natural keratin structure.
Mix with So Pure developer 3%(10 vol.) , 6%(20 vol.), 9%(30 vol. ) or 12%( 40 vol). Mixing ratio 1:2. Processing time up to 50 Mins. Wash with So Pure After color shampoo and After color conditioner.

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 3.2 × 15.3 cm

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Argan oil, Jasmine & Sandalwood essential oils

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