Keune Tinta Color Developer 40Vol (12%)

Long lasting hair color
Lifts upto 3-4 levels
Keune Tinta Cream Developer is the developer for Keune Tinta Color. Only Tinta Color mixed with Tinta Cream Developer will give the optimum result. This developer contains LP300 which helps pigments to bind better to protect the hair structure and guarantees optimum color stability.
Suitable for
Coloring hair


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Tinta Color is the first hair color to contain a color stabilizer. The color stays vibrant for a longer period of time. The color stabilizer LP 300 prevents damage to the hair structure during the color treatment. The hair does not become porous, which is the case in hair color without these stabilizers. An oxidative hair color works according to the principle of the enclosure of pigments into the hair structure. There are different processes that
play a role during hair coloring.
Formulation ratio is 1:1 with Tinta color. This is used for lifting natural hair or colored hair upto 3-4 levels. Recommended to use on mid to ends of the hair length.
Note: Not recommended for application on scalp and roots. Also, not suggested for pre-lightening or bleach.

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