Keune Tinta Color No. 3017

Lifts Hair Up to 6 Levels
UV Protection
Colour : Ultra Ash Violet Blonde
Tinta Color Ultimate Blonde is a complete range of high-lifting blonde shades that is perfect for natural and coloured hair. The range includes ultra lifting shades and blonde shades that can be used on grey hair. 3000 series lifts natural and coloured hair up to 6 levels. It lifts and neutralises / tones natural and colored hair. 3000 series is suitable for highlighting techniques and contains Silk Protein and Solamer (UV protection). Keune Tinta Color No. 3017 provides an Ultra Ash Violet Blonde hair colour.
Suitable for
Natural and Coloured Hair


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Keune Tinta Color offers you a full range of luminous colours , from natural tones to beautiful fashion shades. With more than 100 intermixable shades, all formulated with superior ingredients, Keune Color allows endless creativity with excellent conditioning. Keune Tinta Color is based on a coconut-derived cream Cocamide that protects the scalp from staining while providing a creamy, pearlescent texture. The creamy texture allows for easy mixing and protects the scalp and hair during the colour service. Tinta Color is a permanent hair colour which offers 100% grey coverage, when formulated properly. Keune Tinta Color is formulated with Triple Colour Protection for Optimum result:
  1. Solamer UV Protector: A UV protector is really unique in a hair colour product. Protects the hair from UV damage, colour fading and also enhances the hair colour.
  2. Silk Protein Conditioner: Repairs and nourishes the hair. This unique emulsifying conditioner will provide noticeable results, during and after the colour service.
  3. LP 300 Colour Stabiliser: The Tinta Cream Developer contains LP 300, which causes the pigments to bind better into the hair structure and protects the hair structure during the colour service. This results in a long lasting hair colour.
It is recommended to mix with 3% (10 vol.), 6% (20 vol.), 9% (30 vol.) or 12% (40 vol.) Tinta Cream Developer, Mixing Ratio 1:2. Process the colour for 20 - 50 minutes and wash with Tinta After Color Shampoo & Tinta After Color Balsam.
Note: Do not use a Tinta Cream Developer higher than 6% (20 vol.) for scalp applications.
Note: Do not use Tinta Cream Developer higher than 6% (20 vol.) on previously lightened hair.

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 4.2 × 3.2 × 15.3 cm

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