Do you love styling your hair? Well, who doesn’t! But the temperatures that your hair can withstand from blow-drying, straightening, and curling procedures are enough to cause severe damage to them. Frequent heat styling without proper procedure can cause cracks in the cuticle surface, split ends, dull hair colour, frizz, etc. Did you know that flat-irons and curlers use temperatures that exceed 100-degree Celsius? Now you know what your hair goes through every time you style your hair.

But that doesn’t imply avoiding heat styling at all. Applying the best heat protection spray can help you avoid hair damage while heat styling.

Before we dive in further, let us understand how heat styling damages our hair!

Dehydration of hair from heat styling

The curling and straightening of hair involves treating your hair with a lot of heat. As a result, your hair gets dry leading to a loss of moisture. Water molecules inside the cortex of your hair are free or adhered to keratin. As these water molecules evaporate, the hair changes the protein structure that causes other intermolecular interactions which brings about problems like frizz, hair breakage, etc.

High temperature of Heat Styling Tools evokes hair damage

The high temperature from flat-irons, blow dryers, and curlers can put tremendous heat pressure on your hair. Literally! How does this happen? The high temperature causes the water present in the intrinsic hair shaft to boil and form bubbles. These extreme conditions can lead to hair problems such as split ends and cracks in the cuticle. These kinds of damages are often severe and irreversible. However, to avoid such situations, you can use hair protection spray which will help in protecting the hair from getting damaged.

Protein damage triggers structural changes of hair

Protein damage is another primary concern. Because of exposure to high temperatures, hair strands suffer from the softening of keratin and structural changes in the protein. Such severe trauma leads to the loss of strength, shine, elasticity, etc.

Also, applying heat to the hair can cause the oxidation of the pigments in our hair. Besides, if you have done colour treatment to your hair, using the best hair protection spray is your best bet to keep the colour intact.

How does your heat protectant spray help to avoid hair damage?

Tired of flaunting the same hairstyle for weeks! Sure, it can be boring! Want to try some new styling, yet worried about damaged hair due to heat styling, Keune Blend Prep Spray is the Holy Grail for all your styling problems.

Heat protectant sprays provide a secure layer that acts as a barrier while using thermal styling tools. The spray smoothen the outer layer of your hair and avoid loss of moisture and protects the hair from other problems. You can apply a heat protection spray on both dry and wet hair, but avoid the scalp and comb thoroughly.

Without heat protection spray for hair, the thermal degradation can make our hair strand brittle, lustre-less, and even result in hair fall.

Let’s beat the hair damage with the best heat protectant spray

Looking for the best heat protectant spray? Keune Blend Prep Spray is a perfect choice. Enriched with Multi-Vitamin Complex and soft styling polymers, this product provides your hair with nourishment and keeps your hair healthy and shining. Besides, it also makes your style last longer. This heat protectant spray is ideal for any hair type and length.

It is always recommended to avoid frequent styling to protect your hair from irreparable damage. Also, it is important to follow a proper hair care routine to keep your hair healthy.